суббота, 21 января 2017 г.

Collaborator Challenge - drop swirls

Hi! My name is Sergei. I participate in colabarators challenge with my wife Tatsiana Serko (steso).

This is my first time when I make soap. The soap I want present is "drop swirls" (and this is second try)

Below are photos of my soapmaking. I did everything myself, except soap top - my wife helped me with this.

 My first try wasn't so great as I select quite hard design - tall and skinny shimmy.

Before this challenge I think soap making is easy. When I saw how my wife made it. But after I tried myself I realised it can be quite hard. You need to do several things at once and fast, otherwise soap can become hard and you can't pour it into mold.

I like that I spent this time with my wife. We both work a lot so time we spent together is very valuable for us. I love my wife and see her smilong face when I get my soap from mold was great.

That's all I want to present. Now I need go look after my wife as she has terrible migrane.

Some message to my wife: Бусенька, я тебя люблю.