четверг, 16 февраля 2017 г.


Hello everyone! I'd like to say thank you Amy for this challenge. It was a pleasure to participate and create soap for it. I did it February 14 so design is related to that date.
Всем привет! Я хочу сказать спасибо Эми за тему конкурса! Я получила огромное удовольствие работая над этим мылом.
Делала я его 14 февраля, поэтому выбрала такой дизайн.

Usually I do not give soap recipe, but for this soap I'd like people to try it. Soap texture is amazing. soap has some transparency even I added titan dioxide to it.
Обычно я не пишу рецепты к мылу, но я хочу что бы вы обязательно попробовали этот рецепт, текстура мыла просто потрясающая, и присутствует прозрачность, не смотря на то, что я добавляла диоксид титана в массу.
Macadamia oil 15%
Mango Butter 10%
Coconut oil Extra virgin 20%
Shea 15%
Palm oil 25%
Castor oil 5%
Babassu 10%
Water 30% relative to oil
10% SF
Fragrance oil - Love Spell Candle Science 4%

" Love, love, love..."

This is my second try. I didn't like colors o first one so I decided re-made it.
Это моя вторая попытка, первая мне не понравилась по цветам и я решила переделать.

Middle part is made from CP.
Rim is made from MP soap base, manufacturer Stepherson (England). SLES and SLS free.
Середина выполнена из нулевого мыла.
Ободок выполнен из основы производство Stepherson (англия) 

My camera battery died in the middle of the second try so I didn't shoot a lot of pictures during process. But I'll show you some pictures from first try.
В процессе у меня в фотоаппарате села батарея, так что мне не удалось сделать много фото процесса, но покажу вам несколько фотографий с первой попытки.

Thank you for watching......

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  1. Impressive!! I do love the bright bold red white and black (and gray!) on the second attempt. The results are much more stunning! Did you create the mat for the rim design? It must have taken hours to fill it!! I love the added touch of the two hearts on the surface as well. That striped effect must have some secrets behind it also! Thank you for sharing your work with us!

    1. Amy Thank you very much! Silicone mat gave me my friend. In fact I had to work a couple of hours that would have him do.

  2. OMG, it looks fantastic, especially the red white and black soap! It is just gorgeous! I love the design, the colors and the texture of the soap. CP + MP play really well in your rimmed soaps. :)

  3. Piękne, piękne, piękne!!! :)

  4. Podziwiam talent-aż szkoda używać !-zyczę kolejnych pięknych pomysłów :)

  5. Love it, what a lot of work but it shows. The soap is perfect!

  6. So beautiful, Tatiana! I love the color scheme and the different patterns.

  7. Beautiful work, Tatsiana! So lovely and precise. Love the colour choices in your final design, but the first one is beautiful too :)

  8. For as long as I have been a part of the soap challenge club your entry is usually the first one I click on!
    Now I scan all the entries and guess which is yours, you have an unique special style.
    Very inspiring, thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

  9. Love, love, love it ! Your soap is perfection! All.. design, colours, execution! And thank you for sharing your recipe... I will try it!

  10. Beautiful and lovely soap! I really love your designs and creations.The silicon heart mat is very cool, but quite a lot of work with filling it with the different colors. So many techniques in one soap, amazing!

  11. I always learn something from your soap art! I like the pastel design, but the red/black is more striking. You have brought your rimmed soaps to another beautiful level :)

  12. Очень красивое мыло! Как всегда аккуратно и эффектно. Глаз не оторвать от красоты...

  13. Танюша, как всегда великолепно! Стильно! Аккуратно! Эффектно!

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  15. Добрый день. Подскажите пожалуйста что за коврик у Вас для ободка? Устала уже искать)) так хочется такой ободок сделать!

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  17. Добры дзень! Падкажыце калі ласка, а дзе можна набыць такую форму з сэрцайкамі?)